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World Cup 2009 Date: January 12, 2009

We had 64 entries from over 20 countries. This was by far the largest and most difficult competition in the history of Freechaku. In the end, England's very own Matt-Chez managed to take home the win. Matt didn't have it easy by any means. The final match was intense. Taking second by a narrow margin was the United States very own Yetibutt. Yetibutt is the defending Chuck Off Champion, and is considered by many to be one of the best Freechaku artists in the world. The final match will definitely go into the books as one of the greatest match ups we've ever had. These two have had some epic battles in the past. There are also some great freestylers from China, Korea and the rest of the world. click here for all the video list

Event Sponsors
We would also like to thank Jack and Lee from Precision Strikes, and Colleen and the Woodalls from Woodalls Custom Workshop. Their generous donations made this years cup much more exciting
Woodall's Custom Workshop
Precision Strikes


Awards Gallery

Winners: hooray
1st Place - Matt-Chez
2nd Place - Yetibutt
3rd Place - SetsunaJulien & Kriztov

Matt-Chez vs Yetibutt

Semi Finals
Matt-Chez vs SetsunaJulien
Kriztov vs Yetibutt

Quarter Finals
gomartgo vs Kriztov
chuckcamo vs Matt-Chez
dodo23762 vs SetsunaJulien vs rctrue
Yetibutt vs psionics

Last Sixteen
chuckcamo vs Yorisu
FL vs Yetibutt
gomartgo vs The One True Aerialist
psionics vs Maker
dodo23762 vs SetsunaJulien
Steve vs Kriztov vs irvmstr
rctrue vs Yayu
soulwire vs Matt-Chez

Knock-out Matches
The One True Aerialist vs ookkerpak 
SetsunaJulien vs chineseboy
Yetibutt vs Chuck Nasty
Yorisu vs Saverok
chuckcamo vs sebricci
psionics vs Heru418
soulwire vs vincentcui
Matt-Chez vs Cocoon
rctrue vs AeronauticalNINJA
Maker vs NunHero
SpinStorm vs Steve
Yayu vs Notherchucker
gomartgo vs Proximus
Kriztov vs Irvmstr

2nd & 3rd Playoffs
blackdragon2008 vs Saverok
Chuck Nasty vs jmvicuna
chineseboy vs crazy_monkee
ookkerpak vs DarkRain
dodo23762 vs qwertycoder
Steve vs SilentNinjaDTG
Darkcoraya vs AeronauticalNINJA
Heru418 vs titonunchaku
FL vs 67steph67
Proximus vs the4thdimensionalrabbit
irvmstr vs hedaxia
sebricci vs wshltr
NunHero vs NinjaRick
Miss_T vs Cocoon
vincentcui vs Orre64
Notherchucker vs dimac vs MaffiaRK

Group Stage
Group A: sebricci vs dyeingart vs gomartgo vs lalo
Group B: dodo23762 vs 67steph67 vs Lazydog vs wshltr
Group C: The One True Aerialist vs blackdragon2008 vs Cap-n-Chuk vs jmvicuna
Group D: ChuckNasty vs Nunchuck Nat vs Saverok vs SetsunaJulien
Group E: chuckcamo vs GMGuyver vs Oz vs Proximus
Group F: the4thdimensionalrabbit vs FL vs NaR vs qwertycoder
Group G: Yorisu vs ArthurC vs crazy_monkee vs ookkerpak vs Trev
Group H: Yetibutt vs chineseboy vs DarkRain vs rents
Group I: vincentcui vs KillerBee vs SpinStorm vs titonunchaku
Group J: rctrue vs hero888 vs Heru418 vs Orre64
Group K: Kriztov vs Miggy vs Miss_T vs NinjaRick
Group L: Yayu vs Aras vs Cocoon vs NunHero
Group M: soulwire vs AeronauticalNINJA vs David Jones vs Steve
Group N: psionics vs Darkcoraya vs sabre vs SilentNinjaDTG
Group O: Matt-Chez vs dimac vs irvmstr vs MaffiaRK
Group P: Wild Industry vs hedaxia vs maker vs Notherchucker

Precision Strikes Awards - Live

Best Newcomer – Chuckcamo
Best Female – The4thDimensionalRabbit
Best Youngster – WildIndustry
Best Elder – NortherChucker

Fastest Freestyle – Matt-Chez
Most Powerful Freestyle – Yorisu
Most Dexterous Freestyle – Spinstorm
Most Fluid Freestyle – Yetibutt

Best New Move – Soulwire
Best Doubles Performance – Yetibutt and Irvmstr
Best Warrior – Maker

Most Exhilarating Video – Psionics
Most Entertaining Video – Yayu
Most Humorous Video – jmvicuna
Most Intimidating Video – 67Steph67

Best Artistic Direction – Qwertycoder
Best Video Editing – IrvMstr
Best Location – SetsunaJulien
Best Music – ChuckNasty

* Best Fire Award (eliminated award). Nominees: Kriztov, Yayu, Soulwire, DarkRain and titonunchaku.

More Results:

Best of the Challengers:
1. Irvmstr
2. Steve
3. Maker and FL

Best of the Fallen:
1. ChuckNasty
2. SpinStorm
3. Sebricci and NotherChucker

Best of the Rest:
1. Wild Industry
2. Jmvicuna
3. The4thdimensionalrabbit




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