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World Cup 2008 Date: January 12, 2008

Thanks to all who participated in the first ever Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup. We had 41 entries from 16 different countries  It ended up being a great time for everyone involved. There were a few surprises along the way including many of the favourites getting taken out early, and we even had an exact tie during the semi-finals between NinjaRob (England) and SixtyFourWarrior (France) both receiving 44 votes each! In the end SixtyFourWarrior was crowned the champion. click here for all the video list

Draw Video Here

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Awards Gallery

1st Place - SixtyFourWarrior - France
2nd Place - NinjaRob - England
3rd Place - ChuckNasty - USA
4th Place - Lokos - Poland

Match X: ChuckNasty vs SixtyFourWarrior vs NinjaRob

Third Place Play-Off
Because Semi-Final Match V was a draw, there is no third place play-off.
Lokos finishes in fourth place.

Semi Finals
Match U: ChuckNasty vs Lokos
Match V: SixtyFourWarrior vs NinjaRob

Quarter Finals
Match Q: ChuckNasty vs Yayu
Match R: Lokos vs Yetibutt
Match S: SixtyFourWarrior vs EleManT24
Match T: NinjaRob vs Rctrue

Last Sixteen
Match I: ChuckNasty vs Trent
Match J: Yayu vs Kriztov
Match K: Lokos vs Pvhotrodmonkey
Match L: Yetibutt vs Daveaminal
Match M: SixtyFourWarrior vs Psionics
Match N: EleManT24 vs Matt-Chez
Match O: NinjaRob vs Power13
Match P: Rctrue vs TenoD

FNWC Best of the Rest:
1. The4thdimensionalrabbit - Japan
2. The Aerialist - USA
3. Rellizate - England
4. Dodo23762 - Italy
5. Exmortem - Germany
5. NunchakuSPK - Argentina


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