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The Gomartgo Directors Competition 2008 Date: November 15, 2008

In October 2008, Martin Bois, (gomartgo) proposed a competition for unusual and/or creatively directed nunchaku videos.

As he went on to organise it, the tournament was named The GoMartGo Directors Competition.

Running in November 2008, the tournament voting structure was arranged by José Miguel Vicuña Herrera, (jmvicuna). All the videos begin in one large group stage. Sixteen videos entered, and members have eight votes to pick their top fifty percent of the entries.

After ten days of voting the results of the group stage will be used to determine the videos' positions in a one-on-one knock-out tournament, with members voting for their favorite of two videos in each match, progressing to a final.

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Awards Picture 1, 2 and 3

1st Place Krista

2nd Place: Chuckcamo

3rd Place: RemSurja

* The award should be 2008 but it sounds better using 2009


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