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Daveaminal's Fun Forum Competition Date: March 31, 2007

In January 2007, Daveaminal suggested we run a fun, forum competition (link).

As he went on to organise it, the tournament was named The Daveaminal Fun Forum Competition.

It was originally organised with four categories, based on how long each competitor had been using nunchaku (link).

In the end there were three categories, each decided by member voting.

With a total of 10 entries across 3 categories, it was only a baby tournament compared to our more recent efforts, but the DFF was the first and will always have a special place in our history.

The category name links to the category poll to check out the other entries - and the winner's name links to their winning video. Click here for the list



Above 2 Years
1. Kriztov
2. The_D
3. Charisan

1-2 years
1. Daveaminal
2. Sparticus
3. Life is loud

Under 1 Year
1. Exmortem
2. Freestyler
3. Amidschio

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