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Texas, USA

Well I had always wanted to do nunchaku since I was very little.  Being a fan of martial arts, and weaponry in general(Gun collector, Knives and swords etc.), it was a weapon that always stood out to me.  After witnessing the prowess my cousin Kenny had with them(RIP) I was automatically hooked.  Then a few weeks later he gave me his first pair that he made(The beefy b@stards.).  My dad always had them put up for sentimental reasons, so I never got to use them.  THen we moved from Alabama to Texas and things got reaaaaaaaaly boring.  Growing up living with my mother and father was difficult, she has many mental problems and was always very suicidal and would threaten me at a young age(5+) that she would kill herself in front of me and destroy things and inflicted damage to my father.  He has always been a helper in my life so that was a sickening thing to me.  And even after the torture and abuse he still never raised a hand at her.  Once we got out here, I was finally able to take martial arts(My father is a longhaul truckdriver) so his schudule worked out finally. 

When we started learning weapons for some odd reason I could already use them without ever spinning before and my Teachers noticed.  Master Hayes gave me a pair for free and that started the actual learning process.  I found this site a little while after and my life has changed dramatically.  Nunchaku take the evil that has ridden this home and my life and seemed to take it away if only for a short time while using them.  Combining that with my passion for music, just topped it off.  After about a month or 2 I was able to start teaching beginners at MA classes which made me feel acomplished.  Even when I was just a yellow belt my teachers saw fit to teach me my red and black belt nunchaku forms, which also made me feel I had done something right for once.  It like a form of ecstacy of sorts, to even think about the flow of 2 sticks joined by a chain or cord, is mind blowing in a theoretical perspective and a mind blower once portrayed in a 'form' or even better a freestyle.  This is a short summary of how nunchaku have helped in my life and some of my feeleings on the subject.  



well i for one have lost 38 pounds since i started chucking about a year and 4 months ago. All i did before chucks was video games, i hadn't even heard about any sort of free-styling or object manipulation. After i found chucks i then found, devil sticks, contact juggling, poi, staff, and lots of other great activity's in which creativity is endless, ive never been a great singer or dancer or artist but i feel like i found a medium in which i can shine creatively. I also feel as if chucking made me smarter, when ever i look at something i anylye it to the bone thinking how/why does this work, what other uses does it have. and im very glad to be part of such a great community of like minded people, all striving to be better than they were the day before.


Michael, UK

Ever since i was a kid i have been interested in martial arts, and yes that wasn't very long ago. I was naive enough to think at the time that it was the soloution to my bullying problems. I started training myself, and after a short period of time found my way to making a set of nunchaku. For 3 years i picked them up once in a while and would have a spin and thouroughly enjoy myself. Then one day, at the beggining of this year i saw a video posted by one of the people at freestyleforum.net and realised the art in the chucks. I signed up on the forum and been thouroughly enjoying myself ever since.

Nunchaku have afeected my life in a major way. I have found myself a hobby, that keeps me active, and has helped me overcome my M.E. which i have suffered with for 3-4 years. If i would like to chuck for a sort while ill pick them up and chuck inside, if i wan't to chuck for an extended period of time ill go outside. It's the freedom to practice on your own, and then meet other people who chuck. My life has turned itself from being a life not worth living, to a life that is being lived every day to the full.

I think chucks has definatly helped my confidence, and also incouraged me to try other things, and also my fitnes. It has also gone along side my martial arts training to build my co-ordination, reflexes, acreasy, and also inner peace when practicing. I've acheived all this by the age of 14 , beleive it or not, thats your choice, but the only way you will know is to try it yourself. Chucks is/are the best thing that has ever happened/ come to me. Nearly a year on and alot has changed. I'm now doing my exams,i've become more mature, i've grown up, nd my love of chucks has grown with me.

E. / Looseyfur
Belfast Maine, USA

In hindsight the culminated events that led me to chucking make sense. I used to watch Kung-Fu theater with my dad growing up... You see this myriad of Kung-Fu weapons at an impressionable age and imagine mastering them all... I had the type of father that was confident enough in me to let me have stuff like chucks, knives, bb guns pellet guns blow guns, .22's and what not. We would go to the "dirt mall" I think most everyone calls them "flea markets" and my dad would make sure I always went home with a throwing star or a pair of chucks or something of the like. I just always loved stuff like that and had an aptitude for things involving manual dexterity. So, unhindered by my parents I was able to explore most martial sciences, even though when I was younger it was mostly for "play" ie. pretending to be a ninja or a shaolin monk. When I got a bit more serious about wanting to really learn I found an old Balisong I had from when I was like 12 looked up some tricks on youtube and just kind of ... went berserk practicing all the time. I was reminded by a friend on a web forum I run for Balisongs about the pure awesomeness of chucks and then I found this place and the rest is history or.. history in the making. So I was primed to chuck, and over the past few weeks I have been pretty voracious about learning and building a few pair myself! The positive influence chucking brings me is they exercise, the elation in learning a new move or trick or trying to concept my own, and the fun of the whole DYI aspect which satisfies my desire to build stuff  chucky

chucking, balisong manipulation, building stuff, building old Harley's... I guess I should say I owe that all to my old man... who just turned 62 this year, I visited him yesterday and showed him some chucks I built... we shot the breeze about my build and he gave me some ideas for my next pair... its still all about the relationship I have with my old man and how one day... he will let me know I have obtained some sort of mastery over life itself, with all his wisdom and passion for his hobbies he has instilled in  me.

Chucking brings me closer to my dad.

E. / Looseyfur
Belfast Maine

Ho Chi Minh City/Viet Nam (soon will be London/England, but well)

I never know why my home has a chuck since I was little. I kinda like it because it the only weapon that I can touch, besides guns and swords. But I hit my head the very first time I spinned it. So I left it be. That was about 2000 I guess. By 2006, I watched Dragon Tiger Gate and inspired by Turbo's nunchaku. After that I practice combat chux for 3 year. They really changed my life-a little or a lot Im not sure. I had become stronger (tremedously changed that I noticed) More confident. Having a favorite activity that not everyone can do is good, right  smilez.

By 2008 I noticed You Tube has others nunchaku style besides combat. That is the ultimate Freestyle. Something popped in my head like it shud be popped a long time ago. Seeing all the freestylers refreshing spinning nunchaku, I was so envious, because I dont know how to do even figure 8~! I then tried to forget about it, and practice more with sandbag.

However, September 2009, Levi showed me the FNF. And I had 1 month of freestyle nunchaku under the advices of Levi, and improved pretty fast. And Ive been here since October. Dig this place. First time in my life I ever had a feeling of living in a family which every member shares the same interest. Found my way of life. Without FNF I dont know if I would find Nunchaku is more than a weapon.