Friday Night Freestyle

Posted by Wild Industry (wild industry) on Jul 24 2009
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We are beginning Friday Night Freestyle on August 7th, with a the battle roster to be announced.

The goal of FNF is to highlight battles and to bring in more interest in battling and viewing battles. This will bring a change to how the battle zone works. All proposed battles will be brought to the attention of Kriztov or Heru418 through pm. We will then get with you on a good week for your battle to happen. This will usually be the usual two week deadline for video submission. Videos must be made by all battlers at most three days before the friday they are scheduled to battle. 

The reason for the three day before rule is this. Friday Night Freestyle will have a host video. Where the host of the night will name the battles, talk about the battles and comment on the freestylers. This is to make these battles more personable and more like an event as opposed to just a ho-hum occurance. 

The rest of the battle zone rules are not changed. 

So look forward to August 7th where our first ever Friday Night Freestyle will be hosted by our very own Kriztov. It is not to late to participate in the first ever FNF so find a match and send the PM!  box chucky box

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