Chuck-Off 2009

Posted by Howard (psionics) on Jun 05 2009
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Proudly presents:

"CHUCK - OFF 2009"
an international home-based freestyle nunchaku video tournament


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Start date: 6th July 2009 (06/07/2009) 

All videos must be submitted by midnight on July 5th.


- Single nunchaku

 - Double nunchaku

 - Warrior

 - Fire and Glow

 - Director


Single: The idea is to show what you can do with one nunchaku, and without cutting or editing the video.

 Double: The idea is to show what you can do with two nunchakus, and without cutting or editing the video.

 Warrior: To show the combat abilities of the freestyler, with good ideas, with a max of 5 clips, and no editing.

 Fire & Glow: To show what you can do, with one or two nunchakus, without cutting or editing the video.

 Director: Show how you can create a nunchaku base video, with effects, cuts, and everything you like.


This tournament will not accept videos used in previous competitions of the forum.

For single nunchaku, double nunchaku, warrior, and fire and glow:

- Video must be one continuous shot with no editing (except adding music), maximum video length is

two minutes

including credits.


 Director rules are:

 - Video must contain a majority of freestyle nunchaku footage, maximum video length is

three minutes

including credits.


 Warrior rules are:

 -  It can be done within multiple outlets you choose to do. A breaking display, kata, a seemingly violent freestyle, sparring, etc.

 -  Any striking of another living being is prohibited. (read next rule for human fighting)

 -  Human vs Human sparring can be accepted,

but only with security equipment being used.

- You can have a video from 1 to 5 clips, with no edition(modification on the running clip) on the clips itself, the only edition in the whole video must be the cuts between each clip and the titles and music. If you want to make more than one clip, every clip must have a different topic. So, for example you can have 3 different clips, the 1st one with shadow hitting, the 2nd with sparring and the 3rd with hitting a punching bag. If you create a video with 3 different clips, but the three of them about shadow hitting (this is more than one clip per topic) it wont be accepted.

 - The Admin Team will have the right to reject a video that not follow these rules.


Each member can participate with one video per category.

 If someone want to make a video, with another member of freestyle forum, and their video won a prize, they must agree in who will get the prize, and then contact an Admin, to let him know the address, and how they will have the prize.

Tournament Stages:

Round 1:

- Each video will be given its own poll, with members asked to vote according to:

   - The ability level that is demonstrated in the performance, with this options:        





The average score awarded will be used to divide each category into equal tiers of 5 - 10 videos (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc) with the number of tiers decided by the number of entries.


The ranking will be calculate by:

 - calculate the total points (1 vote for begginer worth 1 point, 1 vote for expert worth 4 points)

 - calculate the 'total points rank'

 - calculate the average vote (total points divided by number of votes)

 - calculate the 'average vote rank'

 - calculate the final rank ('total points rank' plus 'Median average vote rank' divided by two)

Round 2:

Each member will have two votes per tier group for their favorite videos in that group. With this we will find the Champions of each category

Champion of Champions:

The Champions of each category will enter a final stage, where each member has just one vote, to find the Champion of Champions of the CHUCK-OFF 2009


This Year we have 5 pairs of Graphites Nunchakus from

Karate Depot


This five pairs will be given by polls, were the champions of each level will fight against the champions of the other categories, but the same level.


So, the polls will have this people:

Beginner: Prize: 1 pair of Karate Depot´s Graphite Nunchaku

- Single Champion

- Double Champion

- Warrior Champion

- Fire & Glow Champion

- Director Champion


Intermediate: Prize: 1 pair of Karate Depot´s Graphite Nunchaku

- Single Champion

- Double Champion

- Warrior Champion

- Fire & Glow Champion

- Director Champion


Advanced: Prize: 1 pair of Karate Depot´s Graphite Nunchaku

- Single Champion

- Double Champion

- Warrior Champion

- Fire & Glow Champion

- Director Champion


Expert: Prize: 1 pair of Karate Depot´s Graphite Nunchaku

- Single Champion

- Double Champion

- Warrior Champion

- Fire & Glow Champion

- Director Champion


In case of a draw, there will be another poll, to choose the final winner of the prize.

Woodall´s Custom Workshop, will donate one pair of their Custom nunchakus.


This Prize will be given in a massive lottery. The people that will be able to participate in this lottery, are ALL the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of each subcategory. So, in singles, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of the beginner category will be in, the same go to the Intermediate group, advanced and expert, and also this will apply to the double, warrior, fire & glow and director category.


The probability of winning this prize will be the same to everyone, so this will consist in just luck for the winner... but, of course, first you need to be in the three first places of your category, to be in the lottery 


This Lottery will be a live event, via a forum webpage. To create a more fun lottery, the person in charge of the lottery will be chatting at the same time of the streaming in the Chux Chat

, and will be accepting the ideas and suggestions of the people that are there. So with this, we will offer a 100% real Lottery, with no chances of unfair results... Just luck!


The air date of the Live Lottery, will be after the Champion of Champions´ poll have ended, and will be a very good way to know who will be award with this excellent nunchaku!


The winner of Woodall´s Custom nunchaku, must follow this rules:

1. The person can choose any wood and specifications on the Nunchaku that they desire that is on our web shop.

2. They can choose any connector option which includes the new U-Swivel caps.

3. We can add their name or kanji to the Nunchaku on one of the sticks.

4. If they choose they may also add Inlay to the item.

5. We will pay for shipping with tracking number available.  If they want an express shipping they will have to pay the difference in shipping cost.

6. If they want insurance they will have to pay the extra amount

7. We will send this as a personal gift so that they will not be charged or charged very little for VAT/custom fees if applicable.

8. The winner must reside in a country where Nunchaku are legal to ship into their country.

9. We must be notified by the administration team as well as the winner when they have chosen who has won the prize.

10. The winner needs to talk to us about the specs on their Nunchaku to make sure that they get the right type of wood for their type of usage. And also accept any suggestions made by Woodall´s Custom Workshop.

Ending Message:

Now, take your nunchaku and camera, and show us what you can do with it 


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