Acronyms are commonly used within the freestyle nunchaku community to express concepts of techniques. 

  • B2B: back to back (grip)
  • B2F: back to front (grip)
  • BTB: behind the back
  • BTH: behind the head
  • DFF: downspin front (grip) to front (grip)
  • F2B: front to back (grip)
  • F2F: front to front (grip)
  • OHP: one handed pass
  • UFF: upspin front (grip) to front (grip)
  • UTA: under the arm
  • UTL: under the leg
  • UTS: under the shoulder (or shin)
  • SNS: shoulder neck shoulder


  • Front Hand: Normal Grip
  • Back Hand: Reverse Grip

Directions(spin directions):

  • Inward
  • Outward

Planes(the area):

  • Face plane: Your front
  • Wall plane (Near|Far|Middle Wall): Your sides
  • Table plane (High|Middle|Low Table): Your front rotating on horizon
  • Roof Plane: Your top
  • Floor Plane:  Your bottom

 Some used words:

  • Wheel: spinning nunchaku in the string using both hand's two fingers
  • Digits: moves done using fingers
  • Aerials: nunchaku throw in air
  • Asaku: Ankle Spin (from) Aerial (to) Kick Up
  • Slides: Slides the chux's chord/chain/stick
  • Matrix: Aerial over the human
  • Vortex: Sway nunchaku from aerial to another aerial
  • Stomp Spin: step on the chux's head vertical to the ground while the other end of the stick rotates
  • Rewind: nunchucks shifts direction by holding the chord/chain
  • Waterfall: Pass behind the shoulder to arm-wrist spin
  • Palm Tap(note: not a device): its a kind of vortex aerial but done after a wrap or a wrist spin without a grip from an aerial
  • Wrist Trace or Snake-Style: Wrist pushes the chord/chain so the other end slip/slide's out
  • Hyper-Style: Chux bounces in a rapid manner - looks like a seesaw thing
  • Gravity: Nunchaku that stops and stays straight in air
  • Converyor: Spin that roaded on Elbow to Wrist to Wrist To Elbow out without using a hand grip
  • Cork Extractor: A basic shoulder pass done in lower elbow
  • Riptides: When the chux handle is been send to another hand, without releasing, that another hand with produce the motion of spin by pulling it into desired direction
  • Helicopter: A btb pass done in horizontal spin - like a human with helichopter's propeller to be exact
  • Dolphin: Its a form of catch from an aerial where you catches the other end in Reverse Grip

Types of Chux:

  • ProChux: nunchaku from precision strikes that has short cord (1")
  • TradChux: a traditional nunchaku found in every japanese/chinese market
  • GlowChux: Chux with lights or leds
  • FireChux: Chux with fire ends
  • EskrimaChux: Chux with Eskrima ends
  • Much More..