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We at Freestyle Forum are happy to announce our Featured Freestyler segment. Here we will highlight the achievements of our most distinguished members, and allow everyone to get to know them better. 

June 2009: Matt-Chez Featured Freestyler Vol. 1

    For our first featured freestyler, it made sense to go with our current World Cup Champion, Matt Chez. He has been a shinning example of what can be accomplished in this art. His blend of speed and dead on accuracy gives freestylers inspiration. Matt's innovation, his way of pushing his limits, challenges us to push our limits. 

Matt's first video on YouTube was, even at that early of a stage, something to amaze. This is from March of '07, less than one month after he became a forum member:

His innovations to the art have been staggering and many have become the accepted terms for the techniques. A sample of these moves are:

Aerial Can-Can, 
Aerial-leg Spin, 
Trip-flips and Faith Aerials
Orbital Wheels
Inverted Behind the Back Aerial/Catch
Partial Reverse Rebounds
Shoulder Slides


Matt is a competitor and always risen to the top tier of tournaments and has faced the best in the Battle Zone. Up until World Cup 09, he was always the bride's maid, and never the bride. It is undeniable though, he made his competitors work to beat him.

With the previous World Cup, Matt put out a vid that captured the attention and the votes of our members. in a rough battle against the "inhuman" Yetibutt, Matt was able to win a well fought match and deserved 1st Place.

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Matt. Never one to mince words, what he had to say was interesting, encouraging and uplifting:

Part 1

Part 2

In the years to come, expect Matt to continue to push his boundries and to make us all work that much harder to beat him  cheesy. Thank you Matt for your contributions to the forum and to Freechaku as a whole. You are truly on of the greats of this art!



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