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Ken Hill: What freestyle means to me

Well, freestyle in itself can be anything..but I don't believe all freestyles are created equal.  Prime example is simply that there would be nothing to learn if there was no such thing as progression of this art.  It is like all artforms.  I can look at music and see that there are distinct progressions.  There comes a time, where you no longer make glaring errors, and you feel a flow with what you have created.  To me...this means you have only just begun.  Now the quest is to find out how to make those things come alive.  I ask you, how are you doing that?  This is a very individual process, and there are no hard answer on this.  I believe this is what makes a great freestyle!  thumbs-up

To me, freestyle is about ~-~*energy.  A great freestylist manipulates and paints this energy with great vibrance and color.  Their moves are confident and deliberate... Every move is like the swish of a paintbrush, forming something very alive.  There is an element of control that flows between their thoughts/feelings, the nunchaku and their entire body.  It's like a conduit.  To me, freestyle has a great deal to do about keeping these three things in sync, and in communication.  I look at all of my favorite spinners and see that each of them have developed a unique energy, so I spend my time developing and connecting with my own.  

To me, freestyle is so much more than learning a wide variety of techniques.  It's more than the chains of combos that you do.  To me, it's about how you make them sing.  Freestyle follows no preset kata because it represents something that is happening *right now*.  So how do you make them express something that is happening right now?  What are you thinking and feeling?  How do you funnel it out to your movements?  Since you are holding the nunchaku, you also should think about becoming the flow that you are putting into the nunchaku.  Make the entire movement come alive and breathe with dynamics.  

Pure techniques don't do it for me.  I call that a training session.

My vote goes to the people that take what they know, no matter where they are, and make them come alive.  

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