Freestyle Nunchaku

If you've stumbled upon this website from the depths of the Internet, you may be wondering, "Just what is freestyle nunchaku? What are these guys talking about?"

The nunchaku is usually considered a martial arts weapon: two sticks connected by cord or chain that are used as a flail to strike with, or for blocks and holds. Freestyle nunchaku, or freechaku began as a section in martial arts tournaments, choreographing a display of moves to music. When Bruce Lee popularized the nunchaku in Western society the nunchaku moved into the hands of popular culture, where the emphasis shifted from combat relevance as a weapon to swinging them around and having fun.

Over time people started discovering their own new moves and new styles which they began sharing over the internet. When YouTube became available the ease of sharing accelerated the growth of the international freestyle nunchaku community, with its nexus.

Today, freestyle nunchaku is an activity practiced around the world by artists of varying goals, ideologies, and styles. But the one thing that unites practitioners is the desire to free the nunchaku from its traditional status as a weapon, and using it as a tool for personal development.
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