The Lab Zone

The Lab Zone of Freestyle Forum is an area designated for the innovation of and experimentation with advanced freestyle nunchaku techniques and concepts. It is a place for members to explore the science behind freestyle nunchaku movements. In the Lab Zone, forum members share their newly discovered techniques and work together to push freestyle nunchaku to its limit.

The Freechaku Lab

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Freechaku Lab Part 1
01. Constant BtB Finger Spins (:17)  Note use of thumb
02. And Then Sum Part 2 (1:03)  Even the little finger gets some fun
03. F2B & B2F Finger Drops in Fig 8 (1:37)  
04. Full Hand Finger Drop (2:20)
05. Constant Opposite F2F Finger Spin (2:52)  
06. Finger Trickz (3:19) A Different take on finger spins.  
07. Closed Finger Spins (4:05) In constant F2F finger spins  
08. Intercept Opposite Arm Spin (4:35)  
09. Random Nice Thumb Spin Combo (5:25)  

Freechaku Lab Part 2
01. B2B Aerial TO B2B Intercept Wrist Spin (:17)  Concept taken from NinjaRob
02. B2B Aerial TO B2B Intercept Finger Spin (1:03)  Applied Finger Spins
03. F2F Aerial TO F2F Intercept Finger Spin (1:37)  Then reversed it
04. The Freddy (2:20) Technically: Fullhand Finger Drop /to/ F2F Aerial /to/ F2F Intercept FingerSpin

SpinStorm FreeChaku Lab Part 3
1. Thumb/Wrist Hybrid
2. F2F Spin/Aerial Hybrid Variants:
2a. Opposite Fronthand Catch
2b. Opposite Backhand Catch
2c. Primary Hand Fronthand Catch
2d. Intercept Wrist Spin
3. Single Finger Aerial intercept
4. Opposite Aerial Intercept Finger Spins
5. Anticlockwise Opposite Thumb Spin
6. Clockwise Opposite Thumb Spin
7. Constant B2B Spin/Aerial Hybrid Intercept Finger Spins
8. Fullhand Finger Drop Single Finger Spin

SpinStorm FreeChaku Lab Part 4
1. More F2FSAH Variants
1a. Opposite Fronthand Catch to Opposite Finger Spins
1b. Backhand Catch & F2B Aerial To Opposite Intercept Wrist Spin
2. Unnamable Pass
3. Fullhand Finger Drop Opposite Single Finger Spin
4. F2F Aerial Intercept Wrist Spin
5. Third Finger Constant F2F Finger Spins
6. Reverse Shoulder Pass Style Hook Pass








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