The Challenge Zone


The Challenge Zone of Freestyle Forum is an area where members ask "How well can you do this with nunchaku?" the challenges are of a wide variety, ranging between speed tests, endurance tests, and skill tests.

In the Challenge Zone, several challenges are posted for members to complete. Challenges may feature various requirements, such as a required number of repetitions of a technique to execute or a required length of continuous execution. They range in difficulty, so nunchaku beginners and veterans alike can participate.

To complete a challenge, a member must upload a video in which they display their nunchaku ability corresponding to the challenge. If the video satisfactorily completes the challenge, the person earns a Challenge Completed (cc) point.

For each challenge they complete, a member may set their own challenge for others to complete. Each challenge set earns a member a Challenge Set (cs) point.

All points are on record for all to see, lending to a sense of competition. Want to compare your skills to others? Have a look at the challenge points record and see if you can pass more challenges than someone else!

The Challenge Zone rewards participants not only by promoting friendly competition but also by encouraging practice of fundamental abilities as well as the assimilation of new techniques.

So why not jump in and take a crack at a challenge today?

Challenges & Competition Discussion