The Battle Zone

Rules and System is being updated.. stay updated by going here: Future of Battle Zone
The current system is still the currents :p

The Battle Zone is Freestyle Forum's competitive section, where members face off in video matches with rules devised by the challenger.

Originally, the Battle Zone consisted purely of the Rank Ladder. The original Rank Ladder developed from the results of the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008. On the Rank Ladder, members are ranked and to rise in the ranks, they must beat higher ranked artists in video battles.

The Battle Zone has since expanded with several other ladders to promote more participation. The original Rank Ladder still exists alongside the additions of the Points Ladder and the Belt Champion Ladders.

The Points Ladder is based on a point system. For participating in a battle, members are given points. Members receive different point values based on whether they win, lose, or tie, as well as how many people they battling. On the Points Ladder, members may challenge anyone to a battle, as opposed to the Rank Ladder, which allows members to challenge up to three ranks above themselves.

The Belt Champion Ladders are smaller versions of the Rank Ladder broken into three specific categories: Single Nunchaku, Double Nunchaku, and Fire/Glow Nunchaku. Each Belt Champion Ladder only contains five ranks and seeks to incite fierce competition for these positions.

The Battle Zone